Woven Forest

A collaborative project that was brought to the Firefly regional burn 2016. Thank You Djaz for fibers and my camp for supporting the project

Threads can represent the connections between people, or the forces that bind us together.  Every point where threads are crossed may represent an interaction in time that has been recorded.  By having many diverse fibers and textures throughout the tapestry, we hope you will be reminded of things you have seen, heard or experienced.  

Please meditate on the connections you experience at [this event] as you participate in weaving the tapestry on this loom.
The loom is constructed from canvas stretcher bars, notches sawed into the top and bottom hold the twine in place.
Everyone chose to incorporate different materials which gave the tapestry a very diverse impression.
It was lit with a strip of LEDs at night so that people could participate and view it after dark.
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